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Welcome to the Park Museum, located at 1126 Park Avenue in the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. This house is currently on sale on from January 14, 2021 and will cost $1.5 million. It is located on a 1,500 square foot lot at the corner of Park and Main Streets in Philadelphia.

Check out our tips on how to buy a home in Philadelphia to get better prices on one of Pennsylvania's most popular real estate sites.

When you meet with a listing agent, remember that he is a broker / owner and share his commission with the listed agent / broker. Normally, less experienced agents only receive 50% of the listing commission, but high-producing agents can work to get up to 90% of listing commissions from their brokers. The listing agent will recommend the agent and you will usually ask to work as a full service agent. You will agree to a competitive commission structure, ranging from 5% to 5.5% for yourself and from 10% or more for the agent / owner.

The commissions for real estate are divided between the real estate agent who sells the house and the agent who invites the buyer to buy. Brokers are not just ordinary brokers, as many of them are brokers / owners and have the ability to negotiate their commissions and be competitive because they share their commission lists with the brokerage company. There is no direct benefit to you, but you save on the typical fees in Pennsylvania and are offered as an intermediary in the MLS to get the "buyer" to buy your home.

Check out this newly listed two bedroom apartment in Wilson Schools located on a great and quiet street. Before you buy, you must see the beautiful views of Penn Avenue from the porch of this beautiful home. The house has a covered rear terrace with an outdoor pool, a large terrace and a reading area so you have to see this. With its covered terrace and reading room, this home is the perfect home for a meal on Penn Street or dinner on Pennsylvania Avenue.

To give you a sketch, the ground floor consists of two bedrooms, a living room and a dining room with large kitchen. There is a bathroom, bedroom and office that can really be anything you can imagine. Directly in front of the dining rooms is a small living area with an outdoor terrace and an open kitchen. The lower level, which is already completed, could be used as a guest room, office or even as a second bedroom with its own kitchen and bathroom.

There is a sliding door to the outside deck, but that gives way to even more joy inside. It continues with a conservatory with vaulted ceiling, flanked by two more windows and a large living room with open kitchen.

On the second floor there are 4 bedrooms and on the third floor there is only a living / dining area with a large living room, dining room and games room. The attic is finished and offers a fully equipped living area with an open floor plan and plenty of space for imagination.

Compared to Pennsylvania, the data show that Reading recently had an annual rate of appreciation of just 1.69%, which is below the 70% of all US municipalities. There is no doubt that this bodes well for the future of the real estate market in Reading, Pennsylvania.

According to the 2010 census, Reading has the second highest percentage of people living in poverty in the state of Pennsylvania. Of those, 6.1% are two or more races, higher than the national average of 5.5% and the highest in Pennsylvania, according to Census Bureau data.

The median income of a city household was $26,698 in 2010, compared with $29,821 in 2009 and $31,073 in 2008. Median family income in 2011 was $31,067, $2,000 more than in 2009, according to Census Bureau data.

Other types of flats that are prevalent in Reading are houses converted into flats or other small homes, detached houses and terraced houses. There are three- and four-bedroom flats in many parts of the city, such as the city centre, and there are rows of houses and other attached houses, which make up more than half of all single-family homes in the Reading area. House prices in Pennsylvania are more expensive than in most other cities, according to Census Bureau data.

Housing in Reading is being built to ensure there are a range of age groups and homes in it, according to the city's planning and development department.

The Reading and Mount Pleasant Railroad, one of the first railroad lines in the United States, opened in 1848, allowing the railroad to compete with the Schuylkill Canal. It gave the city access to a route to New York City that provided a link between the Pennsylvania State Railroad and the West Virginia United Railroad.

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