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Reading, PA - The Berks Arts Council is pleased to announce that the 30th Annual Bandshell Concert Series is scheduled for Saturday, March 4, 2017, at 7 p.m. at the Berks County Courthouse in Reading, Pennsylvania.

The 2020 series brings a diverse selection of national artists to Reading to offer a unique opportunity to enjoy the music of some of the world's most influential jazz, classical and Latin composers. The focus is on important 20th century instrumentalists and singers who contributed to the emergence of various jazz and jazz styles, including jazz ensembles, orchestras, jazz bands, symphonies, choirs and other musical forms. Each lecture will focus on a different aspect of jazz music, from its origins and history to its current state of development and influence on contemporary music and the arts in the United States, including its influence on the modern jazz scene. All styles, eras and genres are included in the repertoire of the ensemble, which includes written repertoire as well as original compositions and improvisations.

Reading claims many other outstanding music groups that contribute to the prestige of the city as a centre of art and culture. The Sovereign Performing Arts Center also houses the Reading Symphony Orchestra, a touring production of the opera "The Tempest," an astonishingly superb group considering the city in which it is located. There are also a few sports clubs in Reading, while the Sovereign Center hosts many sporting events, including the local high school football and basketball teams, and the men's and women's football teams of Pennsylvania State University.

Central PA Music Hall nominated Cody Tyler and Gypsy Convoy for their rendition of the original song "Cody and Tyler. The original songs performed by the band, which play a style of jazz, rock, blues, hip-hop and other music styles, made it to the National Contemporary Jazz Charts and were at # 9 in the charts. In 2019, they were finalists in "Rising Star Talent," a national competition for young musicians in the United States.

Mrs. Ebersole is a graduate of West Chester University, where Benjamin Whitten studied at the School of Music. She earned a bachelor's degree in music education and accompanying piano from the University of Pennsylvania and a master's degree in music education from Penn State University.

Since June 1998, she has been one of 14 professional choir managers who attended the annual national meeting of the American Chorus Association of America in New York City.

It has also introduced programmes that use England - programmes for young people that teach music technology and integrate it into their music education. She has performed with the Reading Symphony Orchestra, where she is Associate Conductor, and previously served as a member of the Pennsylvania State Chorus and the Philadelphia Orchestra. The choir performs at the University of Pennsylvania, Penn State University and other public and private schools.

The course focuses on developing skills that are also critical thinking skills, such as thinking, writing, communication and communication. In addition to the daily exercises, students will participate in discussion forums where they will use critical thinking to synthesize material, relate one-on-one lessons to important course content, and link the curriculum.

Please note that the 30th anniversary concert series will take place at the College of Music of the University of Pennsylvania, as Berks County, PA is not fully open and allows group meetings of more than 250 people.

The concert starts at 18: 00 and visitors are encouraged to arrive early to secure a preferred location to watch the concert and enjoy local grocers. The place to see CP is Tully Park, the largest and most popular water park in Berks County. Enjoy a concert in the park while you're on the water or paddling in Tullie's, or just swim or anchor and drop anchor while listening to live music. An alternative venue for this concert has yet to be announced, but the square will be open to the public from 4.30 to 7.15 p.m., with a special opening ceremony at 5.45 p.m., an open day from 6 to 8.50 p.m. and a closing ceremony from 7 to 9.40 p.m.

Students learn how to compose for a variety of purposes, starting with the basics of idiomatic composing and composing with a variety of instruments. They also learn to arrange instruments effectively in ensembles, use instruments and arrangements, and develop their critical hearing, thereby acquiring the skills necessary to create nuanced and polished mixes and master recordings. Students interested in the relationship between music and health will explore a wide range of musical styles, from classical to jazz, classical, folk, rock, pop, jazz - rock and more.

Students will improve their ability to read, write and understand commercial and popular music according to prescribed guidelines and musical structures. Skills will be acquired through the study and practice of a wide range of musical styles, from classical to jazz, folk, rock, pop, jazz - rock and more. Students will also be introduced to basic musical concepts to understand the relationship between music and health and the role of music in body health. This course focuses on the connection between musical knowledge and the development of a healthy body and mind. For the participants in MUS 209, the weekly practice includes a variety of instruments such as piano, guitar, saxophone, violin, cello, viola, clarinet, bass, drums, trumpet and piano.

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