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This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Berks Public Museum of Painters, which has been open to the public for over a hundred years. The museum is marking the anniversary with the opening of its new exhibition "Berk Painters," which opened on Saturday, 25 May 2013 and runs until Saturday, 14 September 2013. It also has the largest collection of paintings in the state of Pennsylvania and the second largest of all museums in Pennsylvania. Also on view is the museum's paper-based gallery, which features a selection of works by Berks and Berks County artists.

Among the well-known artists who have shown works at the museum are Robert Rauschenberg, Edgar Allan Poe, John Cage and John Hare. Many of these artists have also been exhibited in other Pennsylvania museums, such as the Pennsylvania Museum of Fine Arts in Philadelphia and the New York Public Museum.

If you are an experienced history buff, you will be fascinated by all that Pennsylvania's museums have to offer, and you will never be disappointed. If you would like to spend a whole day looking at airplanes, this is a museum that will certainly not disappoint you. You will be delighted to see how the museum highlights the history of the US Air Force and highlights the military's role in World War II, the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.

In the 100 years since the museum was founded, its collection has grown to over 300,000 objects related to natural history, the world, culture and art. Like most museums, a comparatively small part of the collection is exhibited at all times. The museum houses a two-storey barracks complex built in 1941, and its artifacts include memorabilia depicting the military's role in the Second World War and the Revolutionary War, as well as the Civil War.

Visitors will continue to experience what it was like to work on Reading Railroad by viewing a sizeable collection of railway artifacts. When you visit the museum, you can take a tour with a lecturer from the museum, where you will learn how Reading played a leading role in the development of railways and technology. Please check the museum website or call it to check the opening hours, as they may change with the season and the holidays.

The Reading Public Museum's collection is amazingly extensive, with over 300,000 artworks and covers many topics, including the history of Reading and its history as a city in Pennsylvania. While you are actually in the museum, visitors can find a collection of newspapers from 1796. Further back in the museum, there are a large number of groomed animals, some of which can be found throughout Pennsylvania and beyond. The Reading Public Museum also has items that relate to the early days of Pennsylvania public schools, such as the first public school in Reading.

The Reading Public Museum is dedicated to the history of Reading and its history as a city in Pennsylvania and the State.

Admission to the museum is free, but there is a small fee, and there is also a great gift shop. The museum even has a special section for those who want to commemorate their visit with a souvenir. Those who want to visit this museum can acquire a number of different types of exhibits. You have an extensive collection of souvenirs to take home, such as books, cards, posters and other memorabilia from around the world.

The Battleship New Jersey requires visitors who use a museum pass to present their ticket to receive tickets. For five cents you get a cup of coffee, and the museum brings some of the best travel exhibits. The museum makes it easy to introduce temporary exhibits that children will enjoy, such as exhibitions that include Legos lessons and exercises for dinosaurs. As in all museums, this museum does not charge visitors extra to see the rotating exhibits, but it does bring some of its "travel exhibits" that are rated the best, for a small fee.

The stunning Sayre Mansion in Bethlehem , PA is one of the best museums in the United States, if not the world. The museum is open Wednesday to Sunday and houses the Knepper Museum with a great souvenir shop. This museum is full of artifacts, including the remains of aircraft carriers, not to mention great exhibits of old and new aircraft.

There is a planetarium and a 25 hectare arboretum, but if you need information about the museum, see below for the description. When planning your next trip to the area, check out these incredible local museums that will provide you with an education you will never forget. Although I have not had much opportunity to experience these areas, they offer a great opportunity to turn a visit to a museum on its premises into a full day. These 14 museums across the state can help you understand the role museums play in the development of our nation, especially in the aviation sector.

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